Staffing Solutions for the Okanagan

41% of companies estimate that the cost of hiring the wrong person for a vacancy can cost as much as $25,000.00 during the first three months of employment.

Does your company have these extra funds available? Particularly during a pandemic when shortages in our current Okanagan and Kelowna labour market are as apparent as they are. As well, the bottom line profitability is always your main focus.

Temporary Staffing:

Temporary Staffing does not mean part-time. Utilizing our temporary staffing services can allow you to have quality employees in a wide variety of skill sets based on our applicant database availability. The assignment can be for one day, or for an entire maternity leave - up to one year. We will provide you our employee for the length of time you need, and you do not have to give a definite end-date to the placement; we only require 24-48 hours' notice that an assignment will be ending.  Our temporary employees have been screened and skill-tested, and we always aim to find the right fit, as well as an employee who is committed to supporting your work environment. We guarantee that if this individual does not work out, we will work to provide you with a replacement for the remainder of that assignment. Most of our applicants have been outstanding temporary employees. In some cases, when temporary employees were brought on to fill a position during a job competition, our clients have kept the temporary placements on as their permanent hire once they have seen the great job performances and how well they fit into the office culture.  In other cases, new permanent positions have actually been created for continued employment. 

Benefits are that you are not burdened by the overhead costs of payroll, timesheets, source deductions, ROE, nor year-end, including T4’s, as we take care of all of that paperwork for you.

We simply send you an invoice and timesheet of the temporary employee's hours already pre-approved by the supervisor or manager on site for your bookkeeping records. We pay our employees bi-weekly via direct deposit, including all of the necessary source deductions and vacation pay.

Permanent Staffing:

Permanent Staffing occurs when your company or organization is in need of a permanent full-time or part-time employee, due to growth, transition, restructuring, extended vacations, maternity leave, or an unexpected medical leave.   It's simple - in order to start recruiting for a new employee for you, we will request a job description, compensation, and benefit details from you, and we can move forward from there!

We like to add value, so we will also ask for specific details and qualifications of exactly what you're seeking in a candidate so we can provide you with 100% suitability.