Client Staffing Solutions:

41% of companies estimate that the cost of hiring someone who is not a good fit for the position is $25,000.  Does your company have an extra $25,000 to waste? Not many businesses do. Yet, few company managers and business owners have the extra hours in their week to properly locate, screen, interview, and reference check potential candidates.

This is where Okanagan Staffing Services shines. Our resources get put to work for you:

Our Database:

We have a large, evolving database of  qualified and skilled applicants to suit your job’s requirements.
Our reputation in the Okanagan area and our network of industry connections gives us countless more resources to use to your benefit.
Our targeted advertising strategy will reach new candidates with the skills you need for your job.

Our Interviewing Process:

  • We work with you to identify the specific skills and qualifications needed for success in the job / position you have open.
  • Behavioural-based interviewing techniques allow us to determine which candidates have the experience and attitude that best match the available position.
  • We only recommend those who meet the criteria and who are most likely to benefit your organization.
  • After we have interviewed potential applicants, we present you with the resumes for each qualified candidate whom you can consider for an interview
  • Once you have decided to put forth an offer, we will carry out reference checks and criminal record checks, if desired.  If you had requested skills-testing be carried out prior to this piont, we will also provide you with those results in a confidential package.

Our Specialized Testing:

IBM-Kenexa®, our online computerized testing system, ensures that a candidate’s computer skills in using various software packages meet the requirements of your organization. IBM-Kenexa® also has a variety of other skill tests available in areas such as computer literacy, English language comprehension  and vocabulary, general clerical grammar and spelling, office Management and procedures, reading comprehension in English.

In addition, we may also conduct specific testing for each individual job, such as Bookkeeping, Accounting, Data Entry, or Typing (wpm), to name a few..

Okanagan Staffing Solutions uses our extensive experience in human resource management to locate and place qualified candidates into open jobs. The tools and resources we have are available to our clients to use in other ways as well.

Business Skill Evaluations

  •  Can be used on any employee or candidate you locate to determine their qualifications for an open position.

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