Corporate Outplacement Services - Kelowna

Many of the Okanagan’s leading corporations and companies hire us to recruit and skill evaluate contract and permanent personnel for their ongoing staffing needs.  We also offer support with lay-offs of employees during economic downturns. Here-in lies the reason we are ideally suited to assist with individual re-employment needs:  our role is to assist each participant with surviving the loss of a job, and finding another successfully.

Depending upon the scope of assistance required, our programs will focus on some or all of the following key employment criteria:

  • Bridging the Gap
  • Organizing and Targeting your Job Search
  • Effective Resume Preparation
  • Skills Evaluation/Training Recommendations
  • Marketing/Referral Strategy
  • The Interview
  • Negotiating an Offer
  • Starting a New Job
  • Financial Referral Assistance

Group Outplacement rates will be provided upon request. Employer program costs are payable upon program commencement.